Coaching with Suha

There are different ways you can work with Suha, find the one that suits you best.

Personal Coaching

Work one on one with Suha. No matter where you are in life. That is the perfect starting point.

Group Coaching

Work with Suha in a group setting. Whether you’re a family or a group of friends who prefer a collective coaching setting, this is a great option that offers tremendous value on numerous fronts.

Group Programs

Join Suha on a one of her numerous breakthrough programs or as she likes to refer to them ‘journeys’. The programs are designed to tackle different areas where we normally find ourselves getting stuck.

Your experience with Suha

Suha is a gifted claircognizant; an intuitive ability to hone in on the energy of your inner truth. Her coaching background and completion of various  programs with Dr. Brene Brown, Dr. Deepak Chopra and Carol Tuttle, to name a few, gives her the fluency in which to tap into a space of clarity, love and compassion for her clients.

Suha is also two seconds away from finishing off her Spiritual Director’s degree and about to embark on a Spiritual Psychotherapy program with renowned college in Toronto: Transformational College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. Her teachers refer to her as ‘a space of light amidst the chaos’.

Her positive track record has expanded across Canada into Dubai in the UAE, Ghana, New Zealand and the UK.

Coaching with Suha

My purpose in life is to inspire a big, massive, just a whole bunch of YOU to live the most fulfilled lives possible. Your energy space is super sacred and you need to be in the control seat with that one.

Our tribe, as Oprah Winfrey refers to it (our belief systems, our family’s opinions, our judgements…) sometimes get in the way. With a little love and tenderness, we can give that tribe a fresh new perspective. 


You know if there is one thing I have learnt over my years of being lost then found again and from the cocoon to the ultimate masterpiece is this: I am beautiful.

While that is good for me, I am sharing this with you because deep inside you will agree with me that all you are ever searching for in life, in your core is that smile. The longing to be validated and loved.

Having understood that, I also realized that cracking that crucial lesson allowed me to understand that it is never about me, and I will never have the perfect answer. All humanity ever wants from me is to BECOME.

Let me help you find your authentic self.

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Suha Sig