Why are we always hungry?

Ever since I was really young I used to dream of a pill that would satiate & nourish us entirely. Just one pill a day. Time efficient and fail proof, especially with all the different information out there on diets and what is good for you and what is not. I welcome the opportunity of becoming a breatharian with open arms.

I get sick and tired of eating at times. In reality, what I am most sick and tired of is being hungry. Yes, I am a total emotional eater. I love carbs, sugar, and most of all caffeine. What does that say about my emotional state? I am very clear that caffeine is a cry for excitement and aliveness in my life. You see life gives us clues. Our soul whispers to us amongst the cracks, when we are not paying attention. It is no wonder that I crave high-intensity activity, such as kickboxing. I honor myself with yoga but I need kickboxing.

And what does it say about our need for material things or our attachment to people? What are we always craving for? Why are we always hungry?

Why you should say no to what you really want

14264091_1103923869690754_454364716968390379_nI recently posted a quote by the Sufi poet Rumi ‘What you want may be sweet as honey, but what your Beloved wants is no desires‘.

Rumi references the Beloved to our Soul, essentially saying that our greatest spiritual liberation from all pain is through the release of all attachments.

What do you find yourself obsessing over to have, to be, to do? Who do you become in that state? How does it feel?

Our Divine nudge to Minimalism

Growing up in Dubai is a breeding ground for materialism and I was your typical miserable woman masking my pain at malls in between business meetings. It got so bad, I would hide the bags from everyone in the house. Did it bring momentary joy and personal acceptance? of course. But I would need more and more of it to hide the pain that was festering beneath.

And then in 2010, we moved to Toronto and our financial situation shifted. I could no longer afford ‘retail therapy’ and had to take a look at myself in the mirror. It was a process but in the end getting rid of things and buying less has given us an immense sense of inner lightness and freedom. My husband is a major advocate for minimalism. While I may not be there, I still practice self-observation when wanting things.

The richness of our human condition

Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t think we shouldn’t have things, I just think we are to take a look at why we want them. The beauty in our human journey exists in the ability to experience through our senses. Allow yourself to explore, discover and express yourself. But most of all, listen to that inner voice that tries to justify getting something. If it sounds negative, judgmental, and needy then you are coming from pain.

Tobermory and my Crystal

We recently visited Tobermory at the Northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula and it was gorgeous. During our walk at the harbour, we  came across an adorable crystal shop and I instantly fell in love with this magnificent amethyst piece. Now, there was nothing wrong with me wanting it but when I listened to my inner voice justifying buying it because ‘all my other crystals were small and I am a Spiritual Director-something is wrong’, ‘I deserved it-entitlement’, ‘make me look important or cool-lack’. All these voices were showing me what my ego was saying and it was masking negative feelings, beliefs or just limited thinking. As a result, I chose not to buy it. It was evident, I was not ready for it.

img_1873And then something miraculous happened. Last night, right after I posted the Rumi quote above on social media, my family came to me with a gift. What is it?!!!! Of course the crystal. AMAZING.

Like I always say to my kids. There is nothing wrong with wanting something. But when you feel attached to having it then you must practice letting it go. If it was meant for you, something miraculous will happen and you will get it. Of course, we are not just talking about material things. This goes for everything: a person we need, or a job we have to have, or the body we are attached to becoming. Let the result be an expression of your soul and not your ego.

Where do you feel you can practice letting go? Share with me in the comment section below.

Keep on digging into the magnificent archeology that is YOU.

Namaste you beautiful people.
Suha Sig



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