The Challenge in Change

How do you feel when embarking on something new? How do you feel when something new presents itself? A challenge? A surprise? An opportunity? We are creatures of habit and when things in our rituals are changed, we generally get thrown off. And, now think back to the last time you changed it up or were put in a situation to accept a change. Was it a disaster? Or maybe it was a sweet surprise. The majority of you will notice that it generally wasn’t that bad.

The challenge in change is in facing the fears that crop up with uncertainty. At some point in time, many of us have lost faith in the process of life (usually when we are quite young and felt disappointed). The impact of that experience was a shift in our relationship to trust. We subconsciously said to ourselves…

that was painful-I never want to experience it again. Therefore, I will do my best to make sure it never happens again. I (capital I) will take care of it. I will place my trust in only me.

We ultimately build a pattern of pessimism. In order not to feel pain (in essence, our anxiety over a painful future) keeps us in need of control over status quo. Hence, if things don’t change, I will create experiences that I am familiar with and can trust that will never disappoint or hurt me.

Expanding your ability to trust requires a radical shift

The past is reference for understanding yourself. Our experiences, choices and actions have absolutely shaped who we are today. That is something to celebrate. Who you are today is : a collection of moments + a sum of experiences + a generation of thoughts

However, the mistake we make is that we bring our past into the present. It ends up having a powerful hold on us and we ultimately begin to relive it over and over again. The magic lies in being able to separate the two.

twitter-24  You can’t change the past, but your awareness of the present generates possibilities for the future.

Tools for change

85dc49ed4337ff7c0b0d84e735aeca9fYour first step to embrace change is to become aware of how you are dealing with it. Observe your relationship to change. Do you embrace it? Do you reject it? Do you avoid it?

Once you have understood how you are with change, now recognize that it is happening. These are subtle steps that make all the difference. Do not do anything. Just allow yourself to recognize that something new is there.

The Universe has a totalitarian nature; nothing is ever wasted. At some point in time, we decided to learn a particular lesson and the Universe is manifesting it for us. So it kinda defeats the purpose when you decide ahead of time that this new thing is not for you or that you will fail or that it is going to be bad. Your soul is always bringing forth to you what you need. This new thing may not be wonderful but you will not know unless you experience it.

So your next step is to explore. This exploration will either show you what you don’t want in life, and / or, helps open you up to something new that is in your favour. So welcome it rather than defend it or chase it away. Explore and then you may decide whether or not you will commit.

When we skip past the exploration phase, that is when we experience hurt & will likely repeat that pattern in the future. You do not have to figure it all out before you get there. Experience it, be with it and then choose it (or not). In that order.

Exploration is the key to commitment

Exploration gives us a true sense of safety and ultimately a deeper commitment. You end up having found this new thing that makes you feel really good so you will do it no matter what.

You gotta let your own guidance show you the path of least resistance for you. Your path of least resistance always feels better to you. The question is: How much you have to torture yourself until you listen? -Abraham Hicks


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