A Lineage of Medicine

I come from a whole lineage of MD’s. As wide as I can look, I am surrounded by Doctors. Ironically, growing up, all I remember taking was probably one panadol for a throbbing root canal and that was after a 3am wake up begging for something more than ‘go back to bed and rest’. While I didn’t know it at the time, I now see how my parents prepared me to dig inside and find my own healing, access my internal antibiotics and discover my own prognosis. It is no wonder that I, too, became a healer in my own way. It took a while to make sense of it all because like most that are raised in ‘western’ civilizations; we rarely spoke of the body, mind & soul connection. We tend to look at things in isolation. If you have a cold, you simply caught a virus. In the best case scenario, you are told to take a ‘bandaid’ and follow instructions. Rarely are patterns connected and a full picture created. (Note: I do believe that there are Dr’s out there that integrate a more holistic approach and I honor you. You are changing the face of medicine and I thank you for that).

My meltdown at the clinic

I recently had a meltdown at my family physician’s clinic. While my symptoms were that of a full blown allergic reaction with fatigue, insomnia and a mental breakdown; the best that my MD could do was run some tests that showed everything to be normal. So, my next step was to see a naturopath. While it helped a little, I still struggled with the fatigue. It wasn’t until I immersed myself once again (I tend to do this in seasons) in meditation and yoga; that I felt an energetic release. Sometimes, our blockages can be so deep, we must bypass the mind and body to access our subconscious patterns.

Biology, more than physical form

Your thoughts and beliefs are the single most important indicator of your state of health. – Dr. Christiane Northrup.

self-healing-kimberly-kirk3Unless you are working with a non-conventional Physician, this is the part that is most left out. Dr. Christiane Northrup, a renowned M.D. , former assistant clinical professor at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, author and a visionary pioneer in women’s health says: ‘Your beliefs and thoughts are wired into your biology. They become your cells, tissues and organs. There’s no supplement, no diet, no medicine, and no exercise regimen that can compare with the power of your thoughts and beliefs. That’s the very first place you need to look when anything goes wrong with your body.’

Here is  an expanded view of what is going on: a repressed emotion, thought or belief becomes lodged into your subconscious, creating havoc on your life. The internal mess can feel like any of the following: limited beliefs, self-sabotage, repeating negative patterns, judgement, playing small… all of which dim your light darker and darker. As it festers in your subconscious (it never ever goes away), it begins to seep into your body (predominantly as a sign) screaming for attention. Repressed emotions can feel like a stiff back. Anger maybe shows itself in arthritis. Worst of all, cancer could be lack of self-love (As Anita Moorjani has shown us in Dying to be me).

Venus’s journey

A friend of mind connected with me this morning to share her struggle with recurring back pain. While back pain is not new to her, this time it has moved location and seems more intense. Let me give you a backdrop on this woman. I am going to call her Venus (because she is a goddess in my books). Venus is an advocate for women. She spends everyday thinking about her network. She is a busy bee and is always on the go, generally onto new things and more creative ideas. She has also recently become aware of her very consciously deep and spiritual journey. (This journey is rarely a pain-free and smooth exercise). In essence, now that she is paying attention-her Spirit is guiding her to the core (the deepest part of the infection) of her pain. This is just the beginning.

When our body is dis-eased; it is saying ‘there is something that I am not comfortable with, I am out of balance’. Our body is just a vehicle that shows us where the conflict is. It is like an MRI machine. Follow the pain and you will find the source emotional conflict.

So, in Venus’s case, her back pain is the result of a warehouse of emotional pain that she has not dealt with. In particular, does not want others to see. These blocked emotions get stored along the spine and the back of the legs. These emotions may be anger, regret and/or denial. But like many women, Venus is always bubbly and seems happy on the outside. Internally, she feels alone and heartbroken. Just like us, she has experienced many traumas in her life that were so painful she had to create a defence mechanism-a mask. That mask has kept many of her loved ones outside. Separation from others causes more pain and now she is in a repetitive cycle-manifesting her pain every step of the way. Of course, if you were to meet Venus you would not notice this because subconsciously she makes sure she hides it so well that she is unaware of it herself.

Steps to overcome pain

In the classic words of Buddha ‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.’  Healing is a process and some may argue is the very cause of our existence. Here are some of the ways I have learned to embrace pain and healing:

Recognize it. Acknowledge its presence. In our busy lives, we tend to overlook the messages our bodies send us. The need to sleep in, time to relax or the emotional nourishment our being craves. I have seen more people who drag themselves to work, or push harder to deliver on a deadline and rarely take the time to honour their bodies and give it the love it requires. Our society has sensationalized the busyness with success.

Embrace it. Welcome it as a healing rather than deny it and shove it away. Our relationship to disease and pain is one of non-acceptance. We want to get rid of it the moment we feel it. I urge you to allow the feeling to guide you. The pain may be unbearable but be with it rather than resist it and it will uncover many truths along the way.

Surrender to it. Feel all the pain. Allow yourself to get vulnerable with the raw emotions that exist in that area. Surrender gives you access to trust and faith. Faith cements the connection to Spirit. Ultimately, that is really what we are all searching for. Connection to our Spirit provides us with clarity on purpose and an unshakeable internal feeling of love and happiness.

To our loved ones who suffer in silence, we love you.


Suha Sig



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