The Unsung Heroes

I get my daily inspiration from the people that come to me for coaching. They are my heroes. They are the ones on the front line, ready to let go of their ammunition and get real with me as we step into a new world of possibilities that is unknown to the both of us. Vulnerability comes up quite a bit.


Our access to truth as a humanity begins with our feminine alignment to our inner strength. (Tweet this to the World if you agree <3)

c8433e5a58a042c5df98ad6721b6052bThe willingness to open our hearts so wide that it may be scary. The uncertainty in trust and the choice to let go. The ability to love so deep you may lose yourself inside the other person. The thing that we believe only exists in the eccentric adventures of a bohemian rebel traveling the world barefoot. Not us.

And today, more and more women pride themselves on how ‘strong’ they are. How capable they are of carrying the World and Zeus on their shoulders. Ultimately not needing anyone. Not having to count on anyone. I know, I am one of them. I used to frequently refer to one of my strengths as my ability to get dropped off in Timbuktu and be capable of carving out a life for myself in a heartbeat. In fact, I remember hearing myself saying it and with every repetition my biceps would grow larger. At one point, I was cocky enough to say that I could walk away from everyone that I loved. I was THAT strong.

We chuck the good with the bad

That strength that I thought had my back, created a titanium wall between me and the world. Slowly thickening its dimensions, so subtly. My physical armour was what I had built at the expense of my emotional growth. That bullet-proof vest kept me so distant from anything that could cause me pain ever again. Thing is… being protected from hurt also protects you from true connections, intimacy and ultimate happiness. It took me 36 years to discover that what kept me from hurting also held me distant from giving myself up so beautifully to a man I deeply loved with all my heart. I used to say to him that I want to un-zip his heart open and curl up inside. And we will spend forever trying to fill the void.

Vulnerability is a choice we make

My daughter is one of the most beautiful contemporary dancers I have seen.  While she has only been dancing for 3 years and still has quite a bit of technical skill to catch up on, you can see her tap into something so deep you would think, at 14, she has already had her heart rip open a thousand times. She is also my personal DJ and the other day she brings home a piece by Ella Henderson and I was instantly smitten. The best way I can describe the power of our strength WITHIN our vulnerability is by taking you through her X-Factor audition:

Remember, it’s all about balance. The yin and yang of life. The harmony between the mili-second choices we make on a daily basis. Tapping into your personal power gives you that strength to know when you need to put your guards up and defend yourself or someone you love and when you are repeating a pattern of behaviour unconsciously and in a moment choose to let it go and tap into the core of those emotions to feel alive.

Let the World experience ALL of who you are.


Suha Sig



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