Chakra 8: connecting to your truth

ebb998b6641fa22de30df2dec4f3b59dChakras are fascinating; predominantly because of their mysterious nature. We love their vibrant colours & enjoy pronouncing their sanskrit names. Chakra beads, Chakra murals, Chakra crystals, Chakra everything… I cannot complain because no matter how much I study them, I feel there is so much more to uncover.

What we do know is that out of at least 360 chakras, 7 have been the most predominant ones. Those who have dug in deep, have also uncovered the Foot Chakra (stay posted for another blog post on that).  But did you also know that there are more chakras beyond the crown chakra? We have, at the very least, an additional 4 main chakras that tap into our higher self and form the main links between us and an expanded universe. Understanding them increases your spiritual awareness, freeing yourself from personal karmic debt.

In an ideal world, free from hurt & pain, our chakras would be open, balanced and flowing freely. This would allow us to easily access our 8th Chakra which could typically be located approximately two feet above your head. However, I am not fond of being specific, some have found this chakra within their heart region. Let it be personal to you. Needing to know the exact location of your chakras is a third dimensional concept. Our spiritual chakras do not follow those same laws.

What are the Higher Chakras?

Think of the higher chakras as spaces. Much like Disneyland has many smaller lands and each land hosts a different theme; the higher chakras are similar. So, Chakra 8 is the space in which we tap into the Divine: through the angelic realm. Think spirit guides and energy of divine grace. Being tapped into something bigger than yourself for guidance, purpose and power.

5 steps to activate your Chakra 8:

1. Begin a dialogue with your higher self

This ‘land’ is the portal between your physical existence and your spiritual self, a dialogue with that forgotten part of yourself is a great place to begin. You may find it through prayer, meditation, a nature walk or just sitting in silence. Take your time with it, our higher selves are always there, always available and always willing to connect.

2. Heal your wounds

No one is immune to life’s battles, no one comes out unscathed. We all have our emotional wounds we have been carrying for so long. While it is part of the journey we have chosen to be on, it becomes difficult to find our truth past all the stories we have created, the barriers we have built and the identities we have hidden behind. By sharing this burden with your higher self, you are released from this heavy weight you carry that limits your possibilities in life. Surrender & forgiveness are two of the most powerful healing spaces we can create for ourselves.

3. Discover your personal gifts

We all have intuitive abilities. You may have felt it in a hunch, a clear voice of warning or maybe you walked into a room and felt something there (an energy) that is not visible to the naked eye. Those are your clairvoyant abilities, your spiritual gifts. We are born with the ability to tap into all of our intuitive gifts. These are some of the Clair senses we are aware of: 

images-Claircognizance: intuitive knowledge.

-Clairvoyance: intuitive vision.

-Clairaudience: intuitive audio or hearing.

-Clairsentience: intuitive knowing through feeling or emotions.

-Clairtangency: intuitive knowing through touch (psychometry)

For many of us, these gifts have been forgotten or lost completely as a result of belief systems or just lack of practice. Our youngest generation are testimony to the magic behind all of this-our Rainbow Children. Want to see it in action? take a look at any one of the magnificent kids Ellen Degeneres hosts on her show. Here is a clip of a claircognizant little 3 year old.  Notice at some point she says ‘my new brain just remembers’ :). She is tapped into cosmic consciousness / knowledge-her new incarnation is able to connect to that divine wisdom-TRULY AMAZING. 

So, for you and I, for now, let us just tap into our senses and see what is there. What seems to come naturally for you? Do you feel things, hear things, see things etc…? All you need to activate these abilities is pure willingness, nothing else. Be open and hone in your senses. Be curious and stay in awe and wonder. 

4. Focus on your most authentic expression

1743599_979217542095348_4351461168541240988_nWhether it is in your profession, your dress code or just the words you use; be an authentic expression of who you are. We are programmed to conform, in doing so we lose our truest voice. Be yourself, everyone else is taken-right?! There is no one else like you. In being that most honest soul, you will see magic unfolding in your life. Never ignore your true passion. Surround yourself with those that believe in you. Your soul will spend forever softly nudging you into the direction of your ultimate expression.

5. Feel the divine love and connection around you

Now that you have shifted your focus from the illusion of the physical world we live in to the immortal truth of who we are; you will begin to experience the most magical connections-sometimes even with complete strangers. The world will begin to look different-you will see where you fit amongst this interconnected and boundary-less existence across the universe. You will see things you may have never noticed before. You will put less physical effort in life, focusing more on your energetic space and projection of your emotions. You will end up feeling liberated and expansive.

Once you begin to feel this Divine Love, Connection & Compassion-you will become an expression of that in your own community and then you will create a brilliant ‘ripple effect’ & THAT is what we all long for. To see ourselves in another.

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You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop – Rumi.

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