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Journey to Self

As part of an ongoing commitment to create, build and sustain powerfully loving communities, The Big Story’s Orkid Project is hosting a 6 week program to help engage women in a dialogue that will leave them ready to transform their individual lives as well as the lives of those around them.

A Six Week Program on Love, Acceptance & Magic


“I believe that every woman has a story to share with the world. I believe that those stories authenticate the uniqueness of our individual experiences. Those experiences become the tools by which we design a new future and as such, impact humanity.

I work with women across the world on matters that mean most to them, from empowering relationships to overcoming self-sabotage.

By creating a space for their self-discovery, expression and unconditional love, women learn to dissolve self limiting beliefs, overcome societal constraints and empower themselves all within a space of acceptance, compassion and connection.”

Suha Sagban

Founder // The Orkid Project & Co-Founder of The Big Story



This journey is designed to help women live fulfilled lives which will empower them to lead the creation of magnificent communities. This program is open for women of all age-groups and backgrounds.


The Journey to Self Program is designed to create a space for a dialogue to explore

our being beyond our physical existence

becoming an expression of this new self

the possibility of creating a powerful new existence as a result of this new self


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The Orkid Project is an initiative that is part of The Big Story; a space through which we help individuals, teams and organizations get clear on their purpose, what matters the most to them, their partners and their clients. Our work also tackles delivering the most authentic expression of why, how and what they do.




The journey is broken down into 3 parts:

Phase 1: Self-Discovery (Weeks 1 & 2)

Discover who you really are, how to tap into your true spirit and live from your soul's purpose.

Phase 2: Self-Expression (Weeks 3 & 4)

Build up the courage to live through this new perspective on Self and begin to express yourself fully in all your environments.

Phase 3: Whole-Hearted Living (Weeks 5 & 6)

Experience the possibility of living a life that you are truly worthy of living.



(Please select program A or B. Accordingly, you will be enrolled in either the Monday or Thursday sessions throughout the 6 weeks)


Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 2.55.56 PMProgram A: Monday sessions

@ 7:30pm

September 8, 15, 22, 29 & October 6 & 13

Program B: Thursday sessions

@ 7:30pm

September 4, 11, 18, 25 & October 2 & 9

***Registration closes 2 weeks prior to the start date of the program.




Journey to Self

*Cash and Email Transfer also available. Request it from us.



The Buddy System

Your Opportunity to Play Big

At The Orkid Project, we believe in the Buddy System. Enrol a friend, a relative, a neighbour… anyone you feel you would like to be on this journey with. This triples your chances of success. The Buddy System creates accountability, support and intention.


In return, we will acknowledge your commitment to others by offering you a complimentary 45 min coaching session.


Love what we’re up to?

We invite you to start playing big right away by taking the following steps.

Step 1 // Like our Facebook Page, if you haven’t yet (fb.com/The.Orkid.Lounge), we are building a community. Your presence & energy matter.

Step 2 // Share this with all the women in your life who you care about. They matter & you can take a stand for their greatness.

Step 3 // Introduce yourselves, we want to know you.

Step 4 // Mark your personal calendars with the dates of the program you have selected


Ask Yourself

Where do you stand in your life right now ? 

How do you view yourself ?

What do you want to change about yourself or life ? 

Are you open, willing and committed to taking a stand for yourself ?


“ Here is the meaning, the purpose of your life: to create yourself, to create who you are. To express, to experience, to declare, to fulfill, to be, who you really are. Every decision you make — every decision that you make every second — is not a decision about what to do, it is a decision about who you are. Every act is an act of self-definition. Once you understand this, things start to change. You start seeing everything with a new perspective, you start placing everything you do in context.” 

Neal Donald Walsch

Author of Conversations with God.


For more info drop us a line or an email;

Suha Sagban

t. +1 (647) 998 8538

e. suha@thebigstory.ca