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Welcome to The Orkid Project.

A space of love, connection & expression for women to show up in their lives.

Through personal coaching, workshops and live hangouts, Suha and her team will take you on a journey of self-discovery, expression and authentic living. A life that leaves you feeling empowered, fulfilled and on purpose. You are absolutely worthy of this.

Work with Suha

There are different ways you can work with Suha, find the one that suits you best.

Personal Coaching

Work one on one with Suha. No matter where you are in life. That is the perfect starting point.

Group Coaching

Work with Suha in a group setting. Whether you’re a family or a group of friends who prefer a collective coaching setting, this is a great option that offers tremendous value on numerous fronts.

Group Programs

Join Suha on a one of her numerous breakthrough programs or as she likes to refer to them ‘journeys’. The programs are designed to tackle different areas where we normally find ourselves getting stuck.


What others are saying about us

“As a single mom to four boys, I had lost myself over the years. Trying not to give in to the same daily routine of work, taking care of the home needs as well as those of the boys, was an inner struggle. Weeks went by before I realized a new year was upon me. […]

Deanna Badgley

— Deanna BadgleyLight Worker

“The experience I have had with Suha’s coaching and the Orkid Project has absolutely given me a refreshing new direction in life. In just a few weeks, I was going to a deeper, more meaningful place within my relationships, my business, and myself. With Suha’s intuitive coaching style ~ she effortlessly helped me identify the fears and […]

Brandi Roberts

— Brandi J RobertsAuthor

“For the past year I have had the incredible privilege of connecting with Suha on many levels. As I began my personal journey inward I searched for someone to guide me along the way…to share their experiences…to connect with and ultimately to open my mind, heart and soul to something greater. When Suha entered my life I knew deep […]

Jenny Macedo

— Jenny MacedoOwner, Fusion Hair Salon

“I’ve been asking questions all my life but never really digging deep to find answers . But almost three years ago , I came to a point where nothing was satisfying me anymore, everything was like a duty to me , my family, my business, my friends , my exercise, any activity I did.  Then […]

Nada Karam

— Nada KaramOwner, Acrilex

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